Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Yapping about lapidary!

Our first camping adventures started in January 2009. A lot has happened since then.

Not least is the fact that we moved house five times.

Despite our best culling efforts, we still cart a lot of stuff from house to house (or state to state in the case of our most recent relocation). 

Since 2011, after making our first two trips to Yowah, that "stuff" has included lots of rock boxes!

As you can imagine that rock tally increased even further - after our most recent ten week stay in Yowah, earlier this year!

Not long after returning home, we joined a lapidary club. Nick attends more often than the rest of us but we're all enjoying learning new skills. 

As well as faceting and "cabbing" there is opportunity to make various styles of jewellery, as well as stained glass and/or dichroic glass items.

Nick has started working with opal, so our rocks are finally being used!  Hooray!  He's been doing some really good work - and of course, there's still plenty of stock to practise on!

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