Friday, 26 September 2014

Meandering with moorhens ...

We've never seen so many moorhens in one place! We'd heard them (and lots of frogs) during the night, so went for a walk after breakfast.

Hmmm.  I stand corrected.  These are not moorhens but rather Purple Swamphens.  So, there you go! 

Regardless of proper names, we enjoyed seeing them - and their young chicks. 

One lady staying in the park fed bread to the birds and she mentioned the adult swamphens would feed all chicks, not just their own.

When I was chatting with Nola, one of the park caretakers, she said the swamphens played havoc with her gardening efforts.  Seemingly, they like to pull up grass and plants but only nibble the bottom of any shoots! 

As we walked around we saw ducks and what we think were yabby burrows.  There was a sign that gave details of the various frogs we heard after dark.  It posted descriptions of their calls but we didn't attempt to match what we heard to the list!

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