Saturday, 27 September 2014

Whale of a time?!

After breakfast, we drove about 40km to Warrnambool. We navigated to Aldi and took advantage of their picnic-ware (more of that later), then headed across to the Logan's Beach Whale Nursery.

Nick had worked out an itinerary for the day but the whale nursery sign was a surprise to the rest of us. We bounded out of the car and walked briskly to the viewing platform.

There were whales!  Just off the beach!  You can see a dark shape in the large pic of the first collage (directly above Vaughan) - that's two whales!

Prior to relocation, we lived quite close to the beach and visited often.  Of course, Vaughan was super-keen to see the water and very quickly made his way onto the sand.

I followed him down, hoping for a closer look at the whales.  (Nick had twisted his ankle while at the quarry, so didn't stay long on the beach).

The beach was littered with huge cuttlefish bones!  We'd never seen them as large, so were quite impressed.  Erin collected quite a few to bring home.

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