Monday, 17 June 2013

Chicken and Corn Soup (thermal cooked)

I've made a lot of soup in my thermal cookers over the past few weeks.  All our favourite soups (minestrone, potato/leek, pea/ham, pumpkin and others) have transitioned successfully to thermal cooking - so one of my thermal cookers stays on the bench permanently.

It's been a long time since I made chicken and corn soup.  I thought Vaughan may have liked it - which was wishful thinking on my part but at least he tried a couple of spoonfuls before asking for noodles instead!

There is no real recipe.  I fried a chopped onion and then browned four thigh pieces (skin removed).  The large pot was then half-filled with water (with some chicken stock powder), brought to the boil and left to thermal cook for around four hours.  Before I went to bed, I removed the meat from the bones, added two cans of creamed corn and put the pot in the fridge overnight. 

The next morning I reheated the soup to boiling point and put the large pot back into the thermal cooker.  The smaller top pot was also filled with boiling water.  Once it was fitted into place, I tucked a pillowcase into the water, to soak up some of the water while still providing a heat bank - and hopefully prevent sloshing while in transit.  I also placed another pillowcase on top of the metal lid (between it and the outer thermal pot lid). 

Happily there was no water transfer between the two pots while we were driving along forest roads - so my spur-of-the-moment method worked!  The soup was super (souper?!) hot at lunch-time, served in our insulated stainless steel mugs.  Success all round!

I purchased a bag of eight chicken thigh pieces for $5.90 from the supermarket (but only used four for the soup).  We buy many of our groceries from Aldi and their creamed corn is $0.99 a can.  Total cost for a huge potful of wonderful home-made soup was probably around $5.50 - a definite bargain!

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