Sunday, 13 September 2020

As the crow flies ...

Nick and I really enjoyed seeing all the displays at last year's Carnival of Flowers. I suggested to Erin that she and I do an overnight trip to view them, before the official program commenced.  The suggestion was made around lunchtime and initially I had thought we might head up that day.  

As it happened the afternoon was busy and we drove up on Saturday morning. (Toowoomba is less then an hour and a half from home, so not a huge trek).

We detoured to see Spring Bluff (which is self-proclaimed as the most beautiful railway station in SE Queensland). And yes, it is lovely!

From there we drove up to Toowoomba, making a couple of op-shop stops and wandering around the markets, before enjoying our picnic. 

I had Erin pose near the little vintage van because it was the same as the one I decorated for her (and Nissa) many years ago.  The story of that van, is here.

We viewed the Queens Park gardens and then those at Laurel Bank Park (where I exclaimed "look at the wisteria" and Erin heard "look at the posterior")!  By 3ish, we decided it was time for afternoon tea and a rest so farewelled Toowoomba and drove across to our accommodation at Crows Nest.

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