Monday, 3 August 2020

Bedding upgrade / backyard camping!

Since purchasing our camper trailer almost three years ago, we've tried a few different bedding options - with varying levels of success.

Nick and I had an overnight stay in the trailer at home just before Easter and were very uncomfortable.  There were a few issues but the main problem was we'd recently upgraded our bedroom mattress (finally replacing the one that I'd bought new in 1997) - and had become used to much more luxury!

I don't know if you've bought a mattress lately but we were stunned at the starting prices.  After touring several retail outlets and becoming very confused by the choices, we opted to buy a mattress in a box.  It's been marvelous!

Given we'd only outlaid $800 for our usual mattress upgrade, we really baulked at paying similar money for low-profile/camper trailer specific options.  (And no, the mattress in a box wasn't an option for the camper trailer due to being too high and too heavy).

So the plan stalled again.  At some point though I'd found irrigation matting for a good price and we put a layer of that on the bedding area of the trailer.  (During our stint of caravan living we learned the importance of ventilation beneath mattresses).

Nick and I recently visited a local camping store to collect a product for another project (more on that later).  While there, we spotted a Blackwolf Mega Deluxe camping mat.  It was lovely!  Once home, I did some more research and sourced the same product for $289.00, delivered (a saving of $80 over store's sale price, and less than half the full retail cost).  While we waited for it to arrive, I washed down our four 4WD camping mats and chose two to use in the camper trailer.  (They rest on top of the irrigation mats and under the new Blackwolf mat).  We tested our good work for the first time last night and are extremely pleased to report success!  Hooray for us!

Of course, the benefit of this configuration is that it can still be used for tent camping if necessary.  The 4WD mats and the new Blackwolf mat are all inflatable and can be deflated/rolled for packing.

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