Sunday, 27 August 2017

Thiess is the life!

It was an interesting first night. Nick's blood sugar had dropped in the wee small hours and he needed to extricate himself from our bed, around the stretchers and out the door in search of his monitor and a suitable snack.

When Nick came back, I asked him to retrieve Vaughan's blanket from the floor and recover our boy. Bandit thought Vaughan needed protecting and in performing a "rescue", stepped rather heavily on Erin's face!

We woke much later to birdsong and sunshine.  The fire was kicked over to boil the kettle and after cleaning our Cobb Cooker plate, I made banana pikelets - which were cooked over the coals.  Yum!

This time I had measured the dry pikelet ingredients into a rectangular lidded jug. When the water, eggs and golden syrup were added and mixed, I could pour directly from the jug to the hotplate.  I used a balloon whisk for beating but will source a flat version to better reach mixture lodged in the jug's corners.

We stayed at Heifer Creek Rest Area, a free 48-hour-stay camp area.  There is a memorial to the Thiess brothers at the entrance to the site, which was interesting reading.  (The Heifer Creek cut was quite impressive when we drove through the previous afternoon but I failed to get a good shot of it through Elmer's windscreen).

While the rest of us sat about Vaughan explored some of the rocks on the other side of the creek, getting hooked by lantana in the process.  We'd picked a pretty spot for our first camper trailer experience and we took our time appreciating the scenery before packing up.

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