Sunday, 27 August 2017

Steele yourself ...

We left Heifer Creek at around 12:30 and were in no hurry to head home.  (Well, the majority were happy to meander but one of us was keen to return to base and start playing MineCraft)!

After about an hour of driving, we saw a sign for Steele Rudd Park so did a u-turn and drove down a side road to visit.

What a lovely spot! The flushing loo was appreciated and we all enjoyed walking around the displays before and after our picnic lunch.

You can read some of Steele Rudd's biography, here.  I remember studying a little of his work when at Uni.

"On Our Selection" is available as an audio book.  I'm looking to obtain a copy for family enjoyment.

My childhood was TV-free for long stretches but my family used to listen to various radio comedy (the Goon Show was a big favourite).  

I don't remember the Dad and Dave episodes as strongly but the duo was definitely familiar because my brother and I were always highly amused whenever my father's work partner, Dave, rang to speak with Dad!

It was our first visit to this area.  We drove through some gorgeous country and I'm sure we'll return for further exploration.

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