Friday, 8 January 2016

Mt Franklin views ...

Nick and I were married ten years ago at Frying Pan Point on Lake Macquarie's shoreline. We're a long way from there these days, so originally planned to take a picnic dinner to the local-ish Frying Pan Hill for our anniversary celebrations.

It was a great idea but on closer inspection of the map, we saw that Frying Pan Hill was on private property!

Plan B was quickly devised.  We would visit nearby Mount Franklin and view Frying Pan Hill from there.

While our cake was baking, I prepared a Thai green curry and rice in one of our thermal cookers. Asian Home Gourmet spice paste was on special at our local IGA.  I bought two packs, as one was suitable for 350 grams of chicken and 100 grams of vegetable.  As rump steak was a mark-down special, green beef curry was on the menu!  

Fortunately I noted the "hot" symbol on the sachet as I prepped the meal.  I only used one sachet for close to 1 kilo of beef, an onion, one large capsicum and 500 grams of frozen vegetables.  It was hot enough for us!

Given there is no liquid reduction in thermal cooking, I only used one can of coconut milk.  I also added a few teaspoons of cornflour to thicken the liquid.  I rinsed the coconut milk tin and included that water when cooking the rice.

Our dinner went into the thermal cooker at around 4:00pm and was enjoyed at Mount Franklin Reserve.  Erin was our drinks waitress and served everyone with Mount Franklin mineral water, flavoured with some very nice lime cordial!

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