Sunday, 17 January 2016

Lacing the window ...

I removed our Christmas decals on Friday.  (The solar lights were taken down just before moving the van for a week-long house-sit over Christmas).

The caravan looks very bare without it's decorations, even though we still have our fairy lights inside - cos we all enjoy how pretty they are!

Without it's stickers, the door window is clear and offers little privacy.  I've been pondering how to remedy that.

At the time of hanging the caravan curtains, I spoke about making a blind for the door.  I completed that project a few days later but the sticking point was how to attach it over the door.  The van is old and we were hesitant to put too much pressure on the wood paneling around the door, so the blind remains packed under our Princess bed.

There's a box of fabric under the bed (a selection from my infamous "stash") and while rummaging in there I found a small lace curtain - which matches the tiny one used for our kitchen window.  I unpicked the lace find this evening, gave it a quick wash and later ironed out the hemming creases.  It was the right size to replace the very daggy flyscreen mesh of the inner door window - as Nick had done for our bathroom window when we were still living at Hamby Home(in)stead.

Nick is on night-shift and I wasn't able to remove the screen to work on a horizontal surface, so I installed the lace with the screen in it's usual position.  The process was fairly easy.  The tricky part was starting off, so Erin helped me tape the lace along it's top edge to hold it steady while I worked the tubing back into it's channel.

I trimmed the edges when I'd finished securing the lace in place.  I'm pleased with the end result.  It's definitely a vast improvement on the worn-out flyscreen!

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