Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lucked out on Lotto!

Our trusty picnic trolley on tour ...
Sadly, we didn't win the $22 million Lotto draw on Saturday, 22 September.  We checked our tickets first thing on Sunday morning though - just in case!

As Nick pointed out, it was probably just as well we hadn't won because the news would have made it difficult to focus on our day of cheapskate adventuring (and our picnic trolley was already packed)!  Given we hadn't become overnight millionaires, we drove to the nearest railway station (about 25km) and purchased four of CityRail's Family Funday Sunday tickets for $10 in total.  Bargain!

Back in July, I purchased a voucher for a discount family ticket for the Sydney Monorail.  Typically, the voucher was nearing expiry so after arriving at Central (Sydney) a bit over two hours later, we headed off to Darling Harbour to claim our day-tripper pass and "treasure map". A splendid day of adventuring was had, hopping on and off the monorail in the search for clues and enjoying the various sights of the City as well.

We parked the trolley several times en route for impromptu picnics and drinks - and again on the station when waiting for our homeward bound train.  Aside from our tickets we purchased custard puffs from Chinatown, a mango lassi, some very flash hand-made chocolates and donated to a couple of very good buskers.  Total cost of the day - $59.80!

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