Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Who needs power?!
The power failed - just as I had settled in with Nick to watch some of a 4WD documentary before starting the evening cheffing.

We quickly found torches, lit some of our many candles and Nick primed our fuel lantern.  He then set up our fuel stove inside and I adjusted my menu slightly to make a couple of vegie side dishes in our usual saucepans.  I had already measured all the ingredients for (my first-ever) corn bread, so decided to cook it in our small camp oven, over a low flame.  Nick BBQ-ed by candlelight and our impromptu camp cooking session was a success.  The corn bread actually worked, though was a little charred on the bottom (no doubt due to my impatience)!

Typically, power was restored - just as we finished eating! Vaughan was not greatly impressed and voiced his disappointment "I was enjoying that blackout"!  I think we all were.

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