Sunday, 10 July 2011

On the way to the temple ...

... we took a few wrong turns, largely due to my not being able to read for more than a few seconds in a moving car before feeling nauseous - a failing that is compounded these days by requiring glasses to read accurately!

On studying the street directory more closely, aided by my spectacles, it seemed the C road I thought we were looking for was in fact Drummond Street! (Missed it by that much, as Max would say)!

Although I have visited the temple previously, I did not remember spending time in the small museum. There were beautiful silk embroideries that looked like 3D paintings, including a two-sided butterfly picture that was amazing. The stitches were so exact that they matched perfectly on each side.

We marveled over the shell and hair etchings also, done by a man in his 70s. We could only see them under strong magnification but he had done the work without any artificial aids. I'm sure he could have read the street directory without glasses too!

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