Monday, 18 July 2011


We were pottering at home when Nick suggested heading into the forest for the day and cooking a roast dinner in the camp oven.

The morning was nearly over by that stage, so the pack-up was hurried (ie. various bits were left behind After organising the fire (and quite a good stockpile of wood), we made a splendid damper with just the basics - flour, salt and milk. Usually I try to be far more fancy, with varying degrees of success.

Although you can see some black around the edge in the pic above, some of our efforts have been completely charred all over (and still doughy in the middle), so we were very pleased with this!

Our first attempt at a full roast dinner was pretty impressive also - hooray for us! As you can see everyone helped - and there was even gravy, albeit somewhat anaemic. Next time we will manage some greens, though Vaughan wasn't at all phased by their absence!

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