Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sweet ensuite

The pop-up ensuite was purchased just prior to this weekend trip, particularly with Erin in mind.  It was one of the first things that Vaughan and I had set up after Nick left the previous afternoon - which should give an indication as to how easily it is erected.  (Packing it away again is a another story, set for a later post)!

The hanging black plastic bag holds 20 litres of water.  In ideal weather, the water is solar-heated by laying the bag in the sun for several hours.  We had bought the bag for our Kwiambal trip in January 2010 but only used it a few times there - and not since.

Given the lack of sunshine on this occasion (and Erin's keeness for a shower sooner rather than later), Nick and I used a billy of water from the fire to mix with other cold water.

Erin later reported the water temperature was too hot but she "managed"!

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