Saturday, 26 March 2011

The morning after

Vaughan was keen to read as soon as we woke!
It had rained just before dinner-time, so our second gazebo was erected quickly to provide shelter for Erin's tent (which leaks considerably in wet weather).

The rain wasn't the only excitement of the evening.  Much later, when we were tucked into bed and just about settled for the night, the nearby picnic area was visited by a group of hoons doing high-speed laps of the access road.  Although we were quite a safe distance away, it sounded as if they were be driving through the tent at any moment.

Our neighbours, much keener than us (and somewhat buoyed by liquid courage) walked over to whoop and call from the bushes.  It took a couple of visits but thankfully the hoons eventually hooned off.

The station-wagon in the background belonged to some of our neighbours - a young couple who were mountain-biking in the area.  Their tent was a similar size to Erin's and though I had expected them to think our camp was somewhat over-the-top, they confessed while chatting that they were a bit envious of our more elaborate setup! 

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