Pines Camping Area, Watagan State Forest (October 2009)

Hello!  Come and join us around our (virtual) fire!  It all started when we hired a camper trailer for a week in October 2008.  As a result of that experience we decided a soft-floor camper trailer wasn't for us - however we enjoyed the actual camping so much that we purchased our initial equipment in January 2009 (the day before heading off for 3 nights)! 

Our camping efforts were confined to the Watagan State Forest in 2009, just 50km from home so a manageable distance for our two-car convoy to lug all our "necessary" gear!   Of course, the other benefit of being close to home was being able to nip back for a shower or to use a civilised loo when all seemed too rough - under the guise of "feeding the cats"!

Fortunately we won an eBay trailer auction in December 2009, which definitely broadened our camping horizons!  We used it for many wonderful adventures.  As our experience grew, our needs changed and we upgraded our tents in 2013.

They were a great investment and we'll continue to use them - alongside our hard-floor camper trailer, purchased in early 2017 - to replace our vintage Millard van!

You can read more about our equipment, here.

For a glimpse of our very first (3-night) trip, press "play" below:-

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