Sunday, 24 September 2017


Those St George nets and buckets proved a great investment!

Fun was had dip-netting the Yowah bore drain for the "bullshit-fast" fish that lived in the water.  Vaughan took us all "fishing" and he discovered a turtle also.

What else did we get up to?  There was rock-stacking on the Bluff, lizard catching and identification, some fossicking, a bit of strolling around town - and generally lots of mooching about, watching the cows and emus go by.

It had been more than three years since our last visit, so we thoroughly enjoyed catching up with friends and checking a few favourite places.

We camped in a friend's backyard but were able to use an inside kitchen and bathroom also, which we definitely appreciated.

The school had closed since Vaughan attended in 2014 but the craft ladies still met on Tuesdays.

Erin and I joined them for a pleasant morning of chatting and crafting.  I sold another owl brooch while there, which would have covered my small attendance fee if I hadn't also bought some leather labels for my stash! Even so, I was only $1.00 behind at the end of the day!

While we were crafting, the boys went yabbying.  They had fun catching (and releasing) a few.

Nick checked on "his" diggings in the fossicking area and tried his luck again along Blackgate Road.  No joy this trip but that's OK.

I was pleased to see the bower still standing in the fossicking area, though we didn't see the bower bird.

We spotted other birds during our stay though and ticked a few more off our Yowah bird list.

We dined on the Bluff a couple of nights - once using the wood BBQ for a sausage sizzle, eating at the picnic table provided.

Another time we took our camping chairs and table to set up closer to the plateau edge. Our thermal-cooked curry and rice was very well received!

Vaughan caught geckoes in the twilight after dinner and we spotted for spiders on the way home also.

Simple stuff.  It was wonderful to kick back, enjoying life at a much slower pace.

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