Monday, 8 May 2017

Emergency upgrade ...

Yesterday's picnic case upgrade has prompted a reshuffle of my "emergency picnic kits".

Emergency picnic kit?! Yep, every car should have one! 

I've explained the concept in the link above. As much as we plan picnics, there are times when we don't.  It's handy to have items on hand to save buying disposable cups, cutlery etc.

My kookaburra picnic case came with four large white and four smaller striped melamine plates, as well as a large black zipped pouch. The smaller plates are now in the box of trix kit (which lives in our smaller car), along with the cutlery from the red picnic suitcase.

The black zipped pouch is divided into two pockets. The larger one holds the plates and the other is just the right size for a small tablecloth - as long as I do some careful folding. I'll tuck the pouch into Elmer's passenger door pocket. Elmer's glove-box houses the orange-check shower bag (which once belonged to Nissa). It has a selection of plastic cutlery, straws and pink-striped melamine cups.

The cups were another op-shop bargain, at 50-cents each and are quite nice to drink from, even though they are pink!  We've used them as impromptu yoghurt pots quite successfully when we've bought a larger tub to share.

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