Sunday, 14 February 2016

Love outdoor dining!

I did have plans of hanging red crepe paper heart chains around the gazebo and dining at home but as the day wore on, my motivation for crafting lessened!

I cooked dinner in one of our thermal cookers - rice and lamb rogan josh. (Lamb was on special at the local IGA and I used a bottled sauce).

It was a last-minute decision to picnic in a nearby forest area.

Although I'd packed matches and mozzie coils, it wasn't my plan to have a fire. My fire-bugs had other ideas.  They scrounged some paper from Elmer and were very happy collecting wood.

Vaughan spent some time looking for critters.  He found a large yabby and a lovely frog.  Both were released after their photo sessions.

It was a love-ly evening.  We enjoyed our dinner and rather flash dessert choices. There was extended sitting around the fire, before extinguishing it and making our way home again via more forest roads, spotting for wildlife en route.

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