Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sky High!

I read about Sky High Mount Dandenong in the early days of our arrival, so was pleased to visit on such a lovely day.  As clear as the sky seemed, there was haze in the distance, so views of Melbourne through the telescope were a little disappointing but still well worth our $1.00!

It was an interesting place to visit with some beautiful gardens to wander through.  Nissa and I wished at the Wishing Tree and Nick posed with The Australiana Tree.  There was a maze also and of course, the Sky High restaurant.  I can't comment on either of the latter attractions because we weren't keen to outlay any money other than our $5.00 entry and gold coin for the telescope use!

There were many people using the free BBQs and one family had the most delicious-smelling kebabs cooking as we made our way back to the carpark.  They were also using the plate to stir-fry a vegetable mix, something we had never thought to do. 

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