Sunday, 12 February 2012

Leaping Lizards

There was great excitement when Vaughan spotted (and caught) a Cunningham's Skink just prior to lunch.

Vaughan very carefully extracted the lizard from a rock crevice - and put it back just as gently when we had finished admiring him/her!

We hadn't seen one in the wild previously, so the find was quite special.

Although we are used to seeing Bearded Dragons as we head North on some of our longer trips, we weren't expecting to see one close to home so there was more excitement after lunch when I spotted a dragon basking by the road.  It was doing it's best not to be noticed but we are not easily fooled!

It was definitely a day for lizards - and lizard-lovers!  Much later in the afternoon, Vaughan and Nick found several geckoes among the huge boulders where I sat overlooking the valley (playing at being Queen of the World).  Again, we often see geckoes further north and finding them (almost) locally was a lovely surprise!

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