Saturday, 28 January 2012

Perch for a picnic!

Perched on a hill in the Watagans National Park
We purchased our vintage (1960s) "industrial style" folding picnic table just before Christmas.

A modern (but flimsy) aluminium version wasn't much dearer but we rather liked the eBay description for ours:

"Table and seats are still strong after years of use. Folding mechanism is good. Rust on the metal and some nicks and areas of missing veneer on the edges."

Yep, it has character! It's strength is without question as it weighs half a tonne and we can perch (more or less) comfortably without any fear of the whole contraption collapsing under us! These considerations are very important!

Given the table's age and condition, we are not too worried about it bumping over rougher tracks (on the boot side of the cargo-barrier). We have enjoyed a few civilised picnics so far, at places were there are no other facilities - and will look forward to more yet to come!

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