Sunday, 9 October 2011

Camp oven roast

Ready to roast!
Our last camp oven roast cooking experiment had been with a piece of beef, so we tried a lamb shoulder this time - studded with rosemary and garlic.

I had watched quite a few YouTube camp oven cooking videos in the lead-up to our "forest finale" and the common theme for roasting pumpkin was to leave the skin on, to prevent the flesh from falling to pieces as it cooked.  (The pumpkin pieces fell through the trivet last time and then burned on the bottom of the oven, imparting a not entirely unpleasant smokiness to the meat)! We tested the skin-on theory this trip and it worked very well - though Nick and Erin are not at all keen to eat the pumpkin skin!

In addition to the pumpkin we roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots.  Green beans and gravy were cooked over the fire in billies.   Yes, it was a feast!

Of course, it is a sign of how good everything looked/smelled that there are no shots of the finished product or the "plating up"!

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