Saturday, 14 May 2011

Where the heck?!

We had enjoyed Ironfest so much last year that we were determined to go again, even when staying overnight was not an option.  Nick suggested a day-trip and we all agreed, rather than miss out altogether.

Vaughan had been counting "sleeps" to Lithgow all week - as had the rest of us.  Such was the anticipation that when Nick was woken repeatedly with cramps through the Friday night, I kept waking too - ready to leave!

As it was, we got up at 4:00am and were ready to leave an hour later.  There were so many stars - and even more special, we had good views of the planets in their triangular alignment on the way South along the Freeway.

We left the Freeway at Berowra and took a lovely scenic route (with a ferry ride) through to Bilpin, where we made a brief comfort stop at a quaint rest area.  Vaughan had been soundly asleep and looked very lost when we woke him, muttering "where the heck am I?"!

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