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In the early days of our camping trips, I used to take two boxes of games - one of outside activities and the other for "inside" puzzles, cards and so. 

We don't always use the games, so I now use just one box and review the selection from time to time. 

There are about nine of these plastic boxes, (mainly leftover from my Usborne book days) that fit in the bottom level of our trailer.  Several are used for food.  In the pics you can see two green boxes being used as tables.  The smaller one houses our plates, bowls, cups etc.  There are three of the larger, translucent variety and their contents change, depending on where we are going and what may be needed.

What's in the games box? Quite a lot, actually.  Menagerie has long been a favourite - so is packed as a standard, as is mancala (aka "the stone game").

There are dominoes, jacks, two versions of tantrixrush hour, a few travel editions of traditional games (picked up very cheaply at op-shops).  Sleeping Queens was bought new from an op-shop soon after our relocation.  It's another favourite.  We have rage and monopoly deal.  There's even a pack of standard (Western Plains Zoo) cards. 

Jigsaws are a bit involved for camping but we have various other puzzles.  Brick by brick is leftover from a time when I had an online toy/educational business.  We have a few small wildlife puzzles and smart games.

I have two sets of boule, which are packed into an old lunchbox of Vaughan's.  We have our kites packed separately and one day I'll find a cricket bat/set for the right price!

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