Saturday, 21 June 2014

Murdered marshmallows!

Nick had to work today. He left home around 5:00am. The rest of us slept in - as long as Oscar (the starved) cat deemed appropriate!

We took our time getting ready but once breakfasted and presentable, we ventured out to collect a parcel of mailed goodies and then visit one of our local libraries.

It was a short drive from the library to this lovely park. The ducks greeted us enthusiastically and a couple of crows keep an eye on us from the trees.

Nick and I explored the park a while back but it was new to Vaughan and Erin, who enjoyed hot chocolates (with marshmallows) while chatting with the resident ducks.

When we had all finished our drinks, I stacked up our small collection of picnic gear and we strolled down the track.

Vaughan was keen to paddle in the shallow water but we encouraged him to walk further.  We had wandered around to the other side of the creek and I was taking photos of the paddling ducks when Erin commented that the crows were taking over our picnic!  As we'd eaten all the muffins, I wasn't greatly worried but Vaughan scrambled across the creek to chase them off.  (He really just wanted an excuse for crossing the water at the causeway)!

While he was in hot pursuit, I remembered the marshmallow bag was open, inside the crate.  When Erin and I returned to the table we could see the bag had been breached and there was a trail of marshmallow crumbs on the table!  Vaughan was not impressed, though had a bit of a smirk when he described one crow with marshmallow stuck to it's beak!

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