Monday, 18 November 2013

A box of trix!

It's no secret that we like picnics. We have a healthy collection of picnic gear to cover most al fresco dining events.

Even so we are sometimes caught out - and pick up provisions for an impromptu picnic while on the road. Occasionally, we buy disposable items - which is a pain.

Quite a while back I started to keep a small selection of plastic cutlery, straws and cups in each glove-box.  (As an aside, prior to relocation someone stole one set of plastic cutlery from our unlocked car)!

I decided recently to include plates in addition to the cups and cutlery, so created an "emergency picnic kit" for each vehicle.  The red "Trix" case was bought from an op-shop for $3.00.  It just holds the items in the photo - four small plates, some plastic cups and an assortment of plastic cutlery.  There is also a sharp knife housed in a former toothbrush container.  Most importantly, there is a tablecloth.  As much as I like dining outdoors, I struggle with putting my picnic upon grubby, graffiti-ed tables.  A tablecloth fixes that!

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