Friday, 22 September 2017

Roaming through Roma ...

We re-fueled at Roma, bought a few groceries - as well as a few pair of thongs, two buckets and several scoop nets. Gotta be prepared for critter catching!

Vaughan was keen to have a break by the river when we headed out of town and it was good to stretch our legs for a bit.  Bandit enjoyed a dip in the shallows but had mostly dried before getting back into the car.

We saw many young emu chicks on the way to Cunnamulla, which caused great excitement! We often see adult birds out west but it was novel to see the stripey offspring. It was mid afternoon by the time we rolled into Cunnamulla.

Many emus were gathered on the oval in town, taking advantage of the green grass there. Although we wanted to BBQ near them, the closest BBQs weren't connected so we chose a table further away.

As it happened, the BBQs there weren't working either and we needed to use our dual fuel stove to cook our burgers.

We'd re-fueled on the way into town, so bought a few more groceries on the way out - and then got back on the road to Yowah.

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